Senior Statesman and Bass Player


Born and raised on a farm in Central Wisconsin, Hal is known in his home town as Harold.  At his favorite music store (big plug here for Jerry's Music in Wausau), which he probably could have purchased with cash by now if he hadn't spent all his moola on equipment, they know him as Harry.

So call him what you like, but don't call him late for a beer.  He'd hate to miss out on an opportunity to hoist one.

Hal started playing bass as a youngster.  He thought about taking up the guitar, but at the time all the chicks were digging on bass players.  'Nuf said.

Thanks to his rural midwestern upbringing, Hal has a vast store of woodsy folklore to share to anyone who'd care to hear it.  He's best known by many for his "Hal-isms", observations that often start with, "It's hotter'n a...", "He's wound tighter'n a...", or "She's meaner'n a ..."  You get the picture.

Hal now lives in Hallie (coincidence? I think not) Wisconsin, where you  can usually find him out in his screened room playing along to the oldies station - that is if he's not out toolin' around in his convertible.


Handyman, Driver, Drummer

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Cat Herder, Keyboardist, Saxophonist, and Chick Singer

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Youngster Among Us and Guitar Player

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